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Heavily inspired of the old NES RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest/Warrior, Phantom Negative is designed to feel at home alongside such titles. The game takes many visual and system design choices based on these older games (except random encounters, screw those) and tries to emulate them while running on the very limited, yet nostalgic, RPG Maker 2000. The game was created in a little less than 3 weeks.


The settlement of Seacliff is a realm ruled by the Branchaline Empire. Kairos, lord of Seacliff and son of the emperor of Branchaline, is sicken by his father's tyranny and wants to make Seacliff and independent nation. The emperor finds out about Kairos's plans to break away from the empire and demands that continues to rule Seacliff under the empire's name or he will turn the entire nation into ashes.

Kairos may have some of the world's strongest warriors beside him, but they are no match to the empire's army. Kairos, however, is aware of a legend passed down by the land's natives about an incredible power underneath some ancient ruins. Kairos finds his friends and sets off to find this power, hoping it will at least deflect the power of the empire.


-Traditional Turn based combat

-About an hour or so of gameplay (RPG 2K does not keep track of playtime, so rough estimate)

-3 dungeons

-Enough enemy variety to not reuse the same troop combination twice

-Optional bosses that will unlock new skills and abilities

-No loading times when entering buildings

Credits for the resource creators are found in the text file within the download.

Update. Version 1.1:
-Fixed some bugs, spelling, and gammer errors.
-New icons for battles and menus.

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP file and run RPG_RT.exe.

If you own RPG Maker 2k, you could open the project using the editor if you really want to use the debugging tools.


Phantom Negative.zip 49 MB


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Ooh, this tileset is amazing. I'd love to use this to make a game myself. There are great tile sets out there, but I can't find something like this myself.

I like it a lot too. The tileset's name is called 'DawnLike', which I got from DragonDePlatino from OpenGameArt.org

There are other retro like tilests on the site too, if you are interested.

That's amazing, thank you!